"Amanda Marie Wilkinson is a rising figure in the entertainment industry. Dubbed as the woman who wears “many hats,” Now, she is making a name in music by exploring her gift in music and lyricism. Amanda Marie Wilkinson continues to inspire others. Her latest single “Spiritual Level” is only the beginning of her mission. She urges everyone to find courage and motivation from within. She hopes to inspire fellow aspirants to live life passionately and chase after dreams just as she did".  - Richard Brown, The American Reporter, 2020


The actress, philanthropist, singer, and songwriter has released her debut music single "Spiritual Level" providing a positive energy that takes you throughout, all while the lyrics remind you of a place and the people that you are connected to that keep you on this level in life- no matter the distance. This new aged pop song provides the listener a full and rounded range of music that is sure to keep them on their feet and on another level. 

Amanda Marie Wilkinson is most passionate about connection and her motto "Unity with Community" is her life's core foundation. Another branch of her artistry, "Music is therapy and it is also how we are able to connect with one another, share our experiences, our stories, and keep eachother lifted". 

Live Passionately and stay Connected!

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Amanda Marie Wilkinson lives passionately and always puts her mind, body, and spirit into everything she does. She is an artist through and through, as she puts her artistry on full display, she's definitely one to watch out for.” - Martin Cruz, LA WIRE


Unity with Community” - Amanda Marie Wilkinson

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